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RPM & Associates, Inc. Rapid City, South Dakota has focused on solving wear problems for our industrial customers for 30+ years. We specialize in...

  • Hardfacing of wear surfaces for coal industry and other applications
  • Manufacture of overlay plate
  • Laser Deposition Technology
  • Laser Freeform Manufacturing
  • Laser Cladding and shaft repair
  • Laser Repair Technology
  • Engineering analysis and design

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For flue gas desulfurization parts, visit our sister company, RPM Solutions, Inc..


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Coal Pulverizers

RPM & Associates manufactures and rebuilds coal pulverizer parts for Combustion Engineering, Foster Wheeler, Babcock & Wilcox, and Alstom bowl mills. Our mill body wear liners, deflector liners, journal liners, and pulverizer rolls are engineered to offer the longest wear life with the lowest risk of catastrophic failure. We’ll even rebuild your worn journals to perform better-than-new due to design advancements made by our own engineers. RPM strives to lower your risk of grinding mill parts failures while extending your operation cycles. (Click for more ...)

Coal Piping

RPM & Associates rebuilds worn coal pipe and elbows with our proven chrome carbide overlays. Welded elbows and tangents provide great coal flow and long wear life without the weight or adhesion problem of ceramic tiles. Our long-lasting, abrasion-resistant hardfacing can be applied to coal transporters from 3” to 28” diameter, and up to five times the centerline radius size. We also manufacture and rebuild ash spools, riffle housings, and a variety of other pipe-related parts used in high-abrasion environments. (Click for more ...)

Wear Liners and Overlay Plate

RPM & Associates manufactured hardfaced overlay wear plate combines the wear resistance of chrome carbide hardfacing with the ductility and formability of mild steel. We strictly monitor welding parameters to ensure that customers get the highest-quality hard faced plate on the market. RPM also cuts and forms overlay plate into finished wear liners for any application. In other applications, RPM can apply carbide tiles to wear surfaces. (Click for more ...)

Laser Deposition Technology (LDT)

RPM & Associates employs state-of-the-art Laser Deposition Technology (LDT) which includes Laser Cladding Technology (LCT), Laser Repair Technology (LRT), and Laser Freeform Manufacturing Technology (LFMT). RPM labs have repaired hundreds of components from heavy industry to defense and aerospace. Laser Deposition Technology (LDT) enables us to achieve a metallurgical bond with minimal heat affect to rebuild worn surfaces to new or better-than-new quality. Our engineers will evaluate your use environment and then prescribe the best alloy for resurfacing your part. Laser Repair Technology (LRT) and Laser Cladding Technology (LCT) effectively mitigate wear, abrasion, erosion, and corrosion of parts. RPM can also build your specialty parts with Laser Freeform Manufacturing Technology (LFMT), a method in which components are built using CAD drawings to generate a tool path for the laser wherein a a three dimensional part is "grown." (Click for more ...)

About Us

RPM & Associates was founded in 1982 by Rob Mudge, Deb Mudge and Rob's parents, Jim and Phyllis Mudge. RPM & Associates is a manufacturing firm located in Rapid City and is a South Dakota corporation. Our core customers are coal fired power plants, mining operations, cement plants, chemical processing plants, Department of Defense and aerospace. We are focused on solving wear problems for our customer base using innovative ideas, automatic welding systems, creative machining and proper material selection.

In 1996, our sister company, RPM Solutions, Inc., was started in a joint effort with Shawn Veurink.

RPM uses chrome-carbide hardfacing, tungsten-carbide hardfacing and laser cladding to increase performance and provide solutions for wear in power generation and other industrial applications. We rebuild and manufacture new coal pulverizer grinding rolls, grinding tables, pulverizer mills, coal pipe such as elbows and tangents, overlay plate, wear liners, and other crushing equipment used in high-abrasion environments. (Click for more ...)