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RPM and Associates, Inc. Rapid City, SD

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From mine to mill, RPM can manufacture or repair your high-wear parts for maximum wear resistance with minimal down time. But we don’t just repair or replace, we analyze your specific wear environment to determine what materials are needed to achieve an improved wear life of your part and the most cost-effective solution to your wear problem.


Coal Pulverizer Roll with Hardfaced Overlay Coal Pulverizers
Whether they are rolls, tables, wear liners, chute liners, or journal assemblies, RPM has the ability to repair and reline with hardface welding on CE, MPS, FW, B&W, or hammer mills. 
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Coal Piping Coal Piping
RPM can repair and / or reline riffle housings, elbows, nozzles, cyclone covers, and inlet tees. No matter what the worn part, RPM is ready to solve your problem. 
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Wear Liners, Hardfaced Plate and Overlay Plate Wear Liners and Overlay Plate
RPM has been manufacturing MK “Chrome Carbide” Overlay Plate since 1996. We use smaller stringer beads instead of the traditional wider oscillated beads to generate a better carbide formation in the weld. 
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Laser Deposition Technology Laser Deposition Technology (LDT)
RPM’s advanced laser deposition technologies can rebuild, repair, and manufacture parts not possible with conventional technologies. The results are overall cost and time savings.
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Shaft Repair Shaft Repair
RPM has used Laser Cladding Technology (LCT) to repair a wide variety of shafts. From out-of-tolerance ash crusher shafts to galled drag line swing shafts, Laser Cladding Technology (LCT) has proven itself to be the most timely, reliable and permanent solution to shaft wear problems.
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Special Products Special Products
RPM manufactures a number of different types of special products for a variety of industry applications.

Special products include gasifier bearings, soot blowers, ash spools, torque tenders and more.
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Engineering Services and Other Services

RPM & Associates offers a variety of industrial and engineering services, including analytical and design engineering, CNC plasma cutting, forming, custom fabrication, and machining.

  • Engineering Services
    Our highly skilled team of mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, and software engineers will analyze your problem and provide a timely and cost effective solution.

    Services provided include engineering analysis and design, inspections, and re-engineering of specialty parts.

  • Onsite Metallurgy Lab and Coordinate Measuring Machines
    We have an on-site metallurgy lab, multiple Faro portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and a stationary coordinate measuring machine that enable us to repair or manufacture parts to very precise tolerances.
    On-site Metallurgical Lab
    On-site Metallurgy Lab
    Stationary CMM
    Stationary CMM
    8-foot portable coordinate-measuring machine
    Portable CMMs

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  • Other Equipment
    RPM’s custom-built CNC cutting table can cut metal sheets as big as 140” x 78” and up to 6” thick. Computer-aided cutting ensures your part is cut with precision.

    Our digital 4-roll hydraulic forming machine can form metal sheets up to 5/8” thick and 120” wide. A variety of radii can be achieved in both cylindrical and cone shapes.

    With multi-axis lathes and mills, manual and CNC, RPM’s machine shop can resurface or manufacture almost any part. RPM specializes in large shafts, journal parts and pulverizer rolls. RPM's machine shop offers critical support to our welding capabilities.
    CNC Cutting Table
    CNC Cutting Table
    Four-roll Hydraulic Forming Machine
    4-roll Hydraulic Forming Machine
    Large Shaft on Lathe
    Large Shaft on Lathe
    Vertical Turret Lathe
    Vertical Turret Lathe

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About RPM & Associates

About RPM and Associates (0)

RPM manufactures and overhauls pulverizer rolls, journals, tables, and liners for all mill types and sizes.

RPM has successfully rebuilt over 1300 pulverizer rolls and 260 tables on-site since 1986!!!

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